The pistachio, a crop growing in popularity

Currently, the demand for nuts and, in particular, the pistachio is growing due to their nutritional properties and high vegetable protein content. For this reason and thanks to the favourable soil and climate conditions in Spain, the number of pistachio plantations is growing exponentially and their total area now exceeds 55,000 hectares, of which more than 80% can be found in Castilla-La Mancha, in the provinces of Ciudad Real, Toledo and Albacete. It’s therefore hoped that in the coming years Spain will be able to cover the increase in European demand for this nut and become one of the leading countries for growing and exporting pistachios in the world.

Pistachio Forum, the meeting place for specialists and those interested in the pistachio value chain.

Against this backdrop, the members of the Tecnoagro Iberia platform (NaanDanJain Ibérica and Compo Expert), AGQ Labs and organised a Pistachio Forum event which took place on the 1st of March 2023 in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real (Spain).

The objective of this day was to share knowledge to support current and future investment, improve its management and signal the way for commercial and industrial technological development for this crop. To this end, the event was attended by a large group of nationally-renowned experts who discussed the most important aspects linked to the increase in pistachio profitability. What’s more, this day was an opportunity to establish new commercial ties between the different economic actors in the sector.

Amongst these experts, the CEO of Elaia, Ramón Rivera Olalquiaga was invited to participate in a round table as a specialist in the value chain of pistachio cultivation.