Atitlan has reached an agreement with AGNBRO Capital, owned by entrepreneur José Tomás Pérez, to integrate approximately 800 hectares of pistachio orchards from the Castilian-Manchego producer into Elaia, its agricultural platform. This move will result in the management of a total of 3,200 hectares of pistachio cultivation across different locations on the Peninsula.

The business group is partnering with a manager with extensive experience in this nut, managing orchards that are up to six years old spread across Madrid, Toledo, and Albacete. This individual will continue to be involved in the project as a partner and technical advisor.

Furthermore, the agreement includes the participation of Elaia and AGNBRO Capital, alongside other producers, in a project to develop the largest pistachio processing plant in Spain. The La Mancha Farms plant, located in the province of Ciudad Real, will have the capacity to process more than nine million kilos per year.

This investment continues Elaia’s commitment to pistachios, which began in 2022. The project, managed by Ramón Rivera, already encompasses over 2,400 hectares, with almost half already transformed. Regarding varieties, the focus has been primarily on Sirora, known for its high productivity and consistency in production.

The agreement demonstrates the group’s ability to collaborate with specialists, in this case, in pistachios, and to jointly develop more ambitious projects with greater social and economic impact.

Elaia made its debut in 2007 with olive cultivation and has since expanded its crop portfolio to include almonds, oranges, clementines, lemons, grapefruits, avocados, and pistachios. This trajectory has positioned Atitlan’s agricultural platform as a specialist in land preparation, planting, and agronomic process management, transforming over 20,000 hectares since its inception.